The value of an idea,
lies in the using of it

Begin with a clear hypothesis that makes predictions about what is supposed to happen. Build not only a product that can sell well, but a platform through which to deliver it.

Who are we?

Enlightened Mind Software Solutions (EMiSOS) began its operations from the Jordanian capital of Amman. In the beginning of 2017 and within a short period of time, it was agreed with some partners in the Kingdom of Bahrain to form a strategic partnership between the two parties in terms of IT professionals at the level of administrators, consultants, analysts, developers, designers, and programmers in both leading Arab markets.
it is one of the pioneers in providing IT services in terms of systems and software solutions on various platforms such as office equipment, Servers, Portable devices, databases, e-platforms and websites with high professionalism, long experience and designs.
We have followed a specific and effective policy to choose the products and services to focus on that others have failed to provide, and the market is suffering from a shortage of services such as well Arabic designed library management systems, Arabic documents digitization , medical systems, business solutions, web development, e-learning, and high level of consultancy. This policy has had the greatest impact on our success and our expansion significantly.
We have adopted the policy to provide services in a simple and efficient manner to suit the needs of the client, which enabled us to gain confidence and expand our activities in a short period of time and in a steady and strong steps by producing and converting our products to work on the different platforms especially the cloud, which are mainly dependent on the Internet. And because our ambition has no limits, we have established strategic partnerships with some partners spread around the world and focus on partners in the Arab region and the Gulf countries in particular.

Our philosophy

We have taken upon ourselves the responsibility of integrating management, computer and communication applications through integrated solutions. As these sciences have developed, they have been integrated, making them both influential and integral. With a deep understanding of the difficulty of applying some of the managerial approaches in our institutions, we have taken upon ourselves the development of alternative systems that reward the imported systems and achieve perfect compatibility with our environment. And avoid the contradiction between some of the imported solutions and our administrative systems, as it has been proved that relying on some of these external solutions represents a waste of resources and short performance.
The development of the software industry in the region according to the latest scientific methods and instilling the idea of creativity and mastery in this industry, depending on the cadres with a long experience in the software market, to achieve digital transformation through smart technology solutions and applications. Through an innovative and innovative environment.
To achieve leadership in providing applications and modern technological solutions at the Arab and global level.
Technical and managerial leadership in our environment is a matter of survival, not a matter of preference.

What we stand for?

Credibility & legibility
We promise, we commit. According to strict standards, we do our utmost to achieve it.Through our work we take care of the details to collect information and data accurately to the needs of the client to establish effective paths and plans through interviews, meetings, phone calls, field visits, emails, to identify systems, programs, applications, technical solutions as well as to know the quality of users to help them manage their daily work, providing them with employment, time and effort.
The aesthetics and simplicity of our design in terms of form, design and application make it flexible and attractive, which makes it easy to discover and use. This can only be done through a team that communicates with all the latest in the field of IT to ensure the modernity of our products and enhance quality and standards. For all the services and products we offer.
Our technologies and management are designed to anticipate and control events before they escalate,Our services and products follow an integrated quality system in the testing and analysis of basic and applied infrastructure to ensure Quality performance/ efficiency /products functionality / security and safety of data and classified information / Continuous support quality / Development and modernization /customer feedback .

EMiSOS Solutions

EMiSOS dedicated to have people make use of our technology. So, wether it’s mobile consumer products, applications or services, we’ll have you covered.
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