Paperless & Digitizing

The daily dealings in various institutions and organizations are slowly shifting to digital uses, transforming from the digital world to the non-paper world, from traditional management to electronic management, and this shift has led to the timely provision of appropriate information in a timely manner and in the right place for its applicants.
The different environments of information systems, especially document and content management systems, will undoubtedly improve the performance of employees, and the immediate and positive interaction between them and other beneficiaries, which will enhance the performance of enterprises and organizations and thus increase productivity and high rates of development.

EMiSOS has adopted projects and solutions that support the world of paperless and digitized electronic document archiving, workflow systems, records management, e-gates, content management, archiving, knowledge management, storage systems and secure solutions for managing and archiving documents in terms of origin, development, uses and trends. In this area.