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Business Solutions Do you need more control over your business? Many independent businesses face increasing difficulty finding the time or money necessary to maximize the returns on their automation investments. Although systems may be acquired which are designed to enhance workplace efficiency and profitability, even more difficult still to find reliable professionals who understand your business to assist in the proper business configuration programs. That’s where EMISOS comes in.
Organizations have objectives to accomplish and goals to achieve. We provide a Business Process Management(BPM) solutions to different business sectors to improving the business processes, making the workflow more efficient and effective, and improve overall ability to adapt to an ever-changing business environment

Commercial applications for warehouse and account management may have been the most popular among other applications, followed by supply chain programs and customer services, supported by a vast array of decision support systems with smart reports.



A comprehensive EMiSOS-HESAB for accounting system, point of sale and inventory management for all commercial activities that have multiple selling points such as supermarkets, clothing, shoes, pharmacies and restaurants. HESAB system that provides companies that wish to follow up, facilitate and terminate their accounting works, providing all types of reports, statistics and invoices. From now on, if you want to manage the accounts of your companies or stores, all you have to do is buy an HESAB system. Because it is a unique and integrated system for point-of-sale entities for integration with accounts / customers / suppliers / inventories.

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