Library is the place where every minute the books were issued or replace and it became hard for the librarians to maintain the data of the books. Library is the hub of education where the person can get the knowledge about any of their interested topics. In the libraries there are lots of books related to one topic. So, to manually maintain the data of the books according to author, title, subject and so on can be tedious task or may cause an error or can become reason for loss.

EMISOS provide the solution that helps you in maintaining the library daily tasks easily, quickly and more accurately. EMISOS BORNE is an Integrated system that share the responsibilities with librarians to automate all daily tasks in approach of work flow from taking the patron wishes up to exchange entries with outsource partners using latest international standards.


The importance of patient records( medical records) is related to different needs and objectives, as they constitute permanent documents on the health of patients, Health care delivery has become a “high-tech” industry sector. Whether in the dental office, the clinic, the physician’s office, or the hospital, equipment and software are sophisticated and evolving.
Scheduling and managing appointments and reservations is an important component in the daily processes of all medical organizations. Online scheduling software has simplified and automated this process for all sized medical organizations.

EMISOS MAS is an Integrated system that help in managing patient’s records, medical history, online appointment scheduling.


A comprehensive EMiSOS-HESAB for accounting system, point of sale and inventory management for all commercial activities that have multiple selling points such as supermarkets, clothing, shoes, pharmacies and restaurants. HESAB system that provides companies that wish to follow up, facilitate and terminate their accounting works, providing all types of reports, statistics and invoices. From now on, if you want to manage the accounts of your companies or stores, all you have to do is buy an HESAB system. Because it is a unique and integrated system for point-of-sale entities for integration with accounts / customers / suppliers / inventories.
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