Digital Publishing Platform- Tylos

The changes in the production, management and distribution of information, caused by the tremendous development in communication technologies and the Internet, have led to the emergence of new needs that depend on a large amount of well-organized and constantly updated information at a reasonable cost. The required information quickly and easily through various devices, bypassing temporal and geographical limits and psychological barriers, so the researcher became interacting with the information and publishing it after he was only receiving it through the old traditional methods.

  • Provide information around the clock and from anywhere.
  • A platform designed and developed by distinguished Arab expertise.
  • No need for distributors or traditional mail to deliver the resources.
  • Ability to download and print content.
  • Interacting with digital content, whether by making comments or sending notes to the source’s owner.
  • Integration with social media platforms, which enables the reader to share the digital resource.
  • Ease of downloading and making digital content available.
  • Ensuring tangible savings in time, effort and money when compared with traditional printing.
  • Ease of reviewing, revising and adding to the materials published electronically and their low costs.
  • Multiple search methods.
  • Classification of information on scientific basis and criteria.
  • Search metadata and content.
  • Full control of the user interface.
  • Managing and publishing historical events and events.
  • Follow the latest publications and most read.
  • Adding user comments.
  • Easy multi-language interface (Arabic – English).