Digital Publishing Platform (Tylos)

The radical changes in the production, management and distribution of information, caused by the tremendous development of communication and internet technologies, led to the emergence of new needs based on a large information quantity well organized and constantly updated at a reasonable cost, it was necessary to exploit these techniques and direct them to digital publishing to help provide the required information quickly and easily through various devices exceeding time limits, geography and psychological barriers, the researcher became interactive with the information and its publisher after it was only received by traditional methods.

There is a growing trend towards digitization of historically and culturally significant data. EMISOS delivers the services through its digital platform TYLOS to convert all analogue documents to digital format using the best and latest technologies and standards used in this industry.

Digital publishing systems rely in their work on technologies capable of transferring and converting traditional sources into digital forms, which leads to the maintenance of content constantly updated and safe from damage and extinction, and therefore digital publishing has received great attention, especially after the majority of countries began to transform and digital empowerment and thus rely on digital sources as an essential source of information as an alternative to traditional sources , for several reasons, the most important of which is :

The digital explosion, the dramatic increase in knowledge production, had to be introduced by technology to control and regulate it.
To preserve the intellectual and cultural heritage from loss and damage and reproduce it in different forms in record time.
The need to share information about the world and larger groups within a single community.
Speed and ease of getting information from anywhere, anytime.
Structured and indexed information is the main source of development and strategic planning.
Digital culture has become an important criterion for the modernity of societies.


TYLOS Digital Publishing Platform , It is a platform that helps institutions interested in spreading their products of all kinds by providing publishing services and making available to their traditional sources digitally with great focus and attention to the Arabic language, which we seek especially in our Arab region.


  • Provide information all the time and from anywhere.
  • A platform designed and developed with distinctive Arab expertise.
  • No need for distributors or traditional mail to deliver resources.
  • Download and print content for those who want to read the paper classics.
  • Interact with digital content, whether by comments or sending notes to the source.
  • Integration with social media platforms that enables the reader to share the digital source.
  • Easy downloading and making digital content available.
  • Full control of what is published can block or make only part of it available.
  • Easy to use and no need for great experience to deal with the platform.
  • Ensure tangible economy in time, effort and money when compared to traditional printing.
  • Easy review, revision, addition of electronically published material and low cost.
  • Multiple search methods.
  • Classification of information on scientific grounds and criteria.
  • Search for metadata and content.
  • Full control of the user interface.
  • Managing and publishing historical events and events.
  • Follow the latest and most read versions.
  • Add user-specific comments.
  • Easy multi-lingual interface (Arabic- English).
  • Classification of users and their powers.
  • Works under internet browsers without the need for any settings on devices.


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