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Complementing to its pioneering role in providing digital and innovative software solutions to the Bahraini market. EMiSOS believes in the necessity of assuming its social role and respond to the emergencies that affected the world and the region.

EMiSOS also believes that we should support the efforts of the Bahraini government to reduce the disruption caused to all sectors in the Kingdom, especially the education sector, and support of the government’s efforts to keep the education wheel in continuous rotation to secure the future of our young generation.

EMiSOS sought to contribute to providing assistance to schools, students and parents through its partnership with the globally award-winning digital learning platform “Classera”. Achieving many international awards, Classera caters to hundreds of thousands of students on four different continents.

Classera and EMiSOS partnership aims to provide all the tools and capabilities of distance education & eLearning to all students, teachers, parents and administrators, within a safe and flexible learning environment. For everyone to contribute to the continuity of the teaching and learning system toward becoming meaningful contributors in our dynamic modern society.


“Classera” is a world leading Learning Management System, providing educators around the world with the largest selection of customizable and secure activities available.

“Classera”, a popular eLearning management system used to create e-learning portals and websites by providing a robust system and a personalized learning environment. Built on powerful platforms, it is highly flexible and can be customized to meet specific business needs easily.

In light of the extraordinary circumstances, our region and the world are going through, due to the Corona virus pandemic, which caused the closure of businesses and schools and disrupted the educational process, “Classera” Launched the “Learning Never stops” initiative, which enables schools to use the platform for free until the end of June. Where your participation in this initiative guarantees you the use of the Classera platform free and access to the enormous features offered by Classera in addition to receiving online lectures on how to use the platform for administrators, teachers and supervisors.


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