The importance of patient records( medical records) is related to different needs and objectives, as they constitute permanent documents on the health of patients, Health care delivery has become a “high-tech” industry sector. Whether in the dental office, the clinic, the physician’s office, or the hospital, equipment and software are sophisticated and evolving. Scheduling and managing appointments and reservations is an important component in the daily processes of all medical organizations. Online scheduling software has simplified and automated this process for all sized medical organizations.



We at Enlightened Mind for Software Solutions (EMiSOS) wish to share a unique client servicing relationship for a very bright future, therefore we shall fulfill all services to you to have a win-win situation, and the proposal herein accounts for your needs requested by your business owner representatives. Enlightened Mind for Software Solutions (EMiSOS) in corporation with Technical Solutions to Globe (TS2G) based in Germany launch the integrated cloud services for medical firms, as the exclusive agents of the eCare2Globe healthcare system in the Kingdom of Bahrain .


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